Patients’ charter

Access to care

At Policlinique Nord-Sud, everyone has access to care related to his/her condition or illness, as well as the choice of refusing treatment from one of the present doctors.

Right to dignity and duty of care

Patients seeking consultations from doctors at the Policlinique Nord-Sud are entitled to respect and dignity.

  • Patients will be made to feel welcome and will be treated with respect regardless of their philosophical views, moral, religious and cultural differences.
  • Our medical staff will listen to patient’s concerns carefully, and address their concerns professionally.
  • Patients are also expected to respect and recognize the philosophical views , moral, religious and cultural differences of our medical and nursing staff .
  • Our doctors will always respond to patients’ questions with tact, frankly, clearly and precisely to ensure full understanding of the situation.

Right to medical information

Patients of Policlinique Nord-Sud are entitled to full disclosure of information.

  • During the initial consultation, our doctor will obtain patients’ history and current state of health through from our application form.
  • Our doctor will then explain the diagnosis and recommended treatment, tests, and drug prescription guidelines as applicable.
  • Before any surgical treatment or procedure, our doctor will inform patients of potential consequences.
  • After confirming patients’ understanding, our physician is entitled to ask patients to provide their written consent to confirm their acceptance of recommendations.
  • Patients will be kept informed of their progress through regular monitoring.
  • At the end of treatments, our doctor will grant an oral report and advise if subsequent care is required, i.e. convalescence, lifestyle recommendations, etc.

Free and informed consent

The will of a patient clearly expressed and authenticated, will always be respected .

  • Patients have the right to refuse treatment, in which case our doctor will request patients to indicate their refusal for care and/or treatment in writing.
  • In the event that our attending physician does not practice the therapy required to treat a specific case, our medical doctor will recommend a suitable specialist with the patients’ consent.
  • In the case of disabled patients, a family member or medically / legally recognized representative is required to give consent for care and/or treatment.
  • In the event of a life-threatening emergency, our doctor may dispense care and/or treatment without consent.

Right to life protection and medical privacy

No information on the condition of patients will be given out to anyone without prior consent of patients or their representative.

  • The medical consultation, the examination and treatment are confidential.
  • The information and content of medical records are confidential; anyone with access to the medical record of our patients is bound by professional secrecy.
  • Patients agree that their medical records may be consulted by other doctors who may be asked to participate , directly or indirectly in additional care of the patients.
  • In the event of death or inability of patients to speak , the confidentiality is not enforceable against a beneficiary, provided patients have previously designated someone to represent them, or expressed a contrary intention.

Medical records

The medical records are the property of patients.

  • Patients grant permission to Policlinique Nord-Sud to have their records computerised.
  • Patients approve sharing of information between doctors involved in their care, this sharing is constantly under the influence of their verbal agreement.
  • Patients accept that data from their file can be accessed by any doctor or medical staff of the polyclinic .
  • Retention of medical records is subject to the archives rule. No part of their record can be withdrawn except by order of a court and in accordance with individual patients.

Limits of rights and duties of the polyclinic users

The Policlinique Nord-Sud’s consulting physician is entitled to dignity and respect. The rights and freedoms of the user of the Policlinique Nord-Sud should not prejudice the rights and freedoms of health professionals of the polyclinic.

The Policlinique Nord-Sud welcomes and encourages trainees to practice at the polyclinic to gain experience. Patients are requested to understand the necessity of this training and cooperate in accepting the constraints required for this training.