Useful links

Official sites

  • Federal Office of Public Health
    Office Fédérale de la Santé Publique – OFSP:
  • Federal Office of Social Insurance
    Office Fédérale des Assurances Sociales – OFAS:
  • Department of Health & Social Welfare
    Département de la Santé et l’Action Social – Vaud:
  • Swiss Red Cross
    Croix-Rouge Suisse:
  • Accident Prevention
    Prévention des Accidents:

Hospitals – consultations

  • La Source Clinic Lausanne
    Clinique de la Source:
  • University Hospital Center of Vaudois
    Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV):

Emergencies – first aid

Colleges| institutes

  • Superior School of Ambulance Technicians
    Ecole Supérieure de Techniciens AmbulancierS:
  • La Source College of Health
    Haute Ecole de la Santé de la Source:
  • Health College of the Canton of Vaudois
    Haute Ecole Cantonale Vaudoise de la Santé:
  • Swiss Academy of Relaxation Therapy
    Académie Suisse de Sophrologie:


Medical – health

Care – help

Other healthcare agencies